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Model MSB001A

The Rotek Model MSB001A Watt Converter Standard is a high accuracy AC power to DC voltage transducer with an accuracy of 50 PPM of rated input power and a linearity of 20 PPM. The Model MSB001A has 120 and 240 volt input ranges and 1 and 5 ampere current ranges (optional 10 and 50 ampere range).

The output of the MSB001A is a DC voltage directly proportional to the input power with a full scale output of 10.0000 Volts DC and a response time to change of less than 100 ms. This fast response compliments the accuracy of the MSB001A Watt Converter Standard as the lower outputs, at fractions of rated scale and close to zero power factor, can be read with greater ease, faster and at a higher level of precision. This accuracy, linearity and speed makes the MSB001A a very useful tool in the important low power factor loss measurement field.

Its light weight, small size, durability of calibration without periodic front panel adjustments and tolerance to environment make it ideal for use as a transfer standard between the national standards laboratories and the industrial standards laboratory, as well as between the industrial standards laboratory and the calibration or test station.The simplicity of its use means that precise power measurements can be made easily and rapidly under less than ideal conditions.



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Model MSB001A
Model MSB100

Power Measurements to 0.005%
Voltage Input Ranges 120 and 240 Volts
Current Input Ranges of 1, 5, 10, & 50 Amps
Accuracy Traceable to N.I.S.T.