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The Rotek Model 8000 is a precision source of AC voltage, current and phase angle which may be used in the calibration and test of a wide range of electrical metering instrumentation including watt, var, watt-hour, volt, amp and phase angle meters and transducers. It has been designed to be nothing less than the ultimate power calibration standard in both accuracy and flexibility. This single instrument replaces the complicated combinations of individual voltage and current sources and phase angle meters otherwise required to calibrate power and energy meters. The Model 8000's wide range of outputs makes it the ideal instrument to meet the calibration requirements of ISO 9000.

A menu-driven front panel and simple, intuitive controls make the Model 8000 extremely easy to use. Output settings and menus are displayed on two large easy-to-read LCD displays. The power setting may be expressed in volt-amperes, watts or vars. Similarly, the phase angle setting may be expressed in power factor, degrees or radians. Such flexibility allows the Model 8000 to be configured to meet the specific requirements of any user.

The Model 8000 uses sophisticated high-speed Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to generate extremely accurate outputs for a wide range of real world loads. The internal circuits of the Model 8000 monitor and verify the accuracy of the voltage and current outputs simultaneously more than 10,000 times per second. Its high power output amplifiers provide levels of burden and compliance required to drive even the most difficult loads.

The deviation function of the Model 8000 may be set to indicate UUT errors in any of the output parameters including voltage, current, power, phase angle or frequency. The error units may be expressed as percent, parts per million or in the units of the measurement.

The Model 8000 facilitates the test and calibration of energy meters by delivering precise, user-defined quantities of energy. The Model 8000 is also able to accept up to 6 independent pulse inputs for testing energy meters equipped with this type of output. In this mode the Model 8000 is able to test multiple meters simultaneously and accept an external energy standard for transportable traceability.

All aspects of the Model 8000 may be controlled remotely using the standard IEEE-488.2 compatible interface. The remote command set adheres to the protocol defined by the Standard Commands for Programmable Instrumentation (SCPI).

The optional 3 phase adapter enables the Model 8000 to calibrate 3 phase power and energy meters. The adapter is field installable and connects to the Model 8000 by a single cable. Output settings of all three phases are controlled by the Model 8000 front panel.

The Model 8000 is entirely software calibrated and requires no internal adjustments during the calibration process. All adjustments are made either via the front panel controls or through the IEEE-488 interface. The Model 8000 has been designed to require minimum additional test equipment further simplifying the adjustment process and making on-site calibration possible. Rotek's new 'intelligent' power standard can be controlled directly by the Model 8000, removing the operator from the calibration and adjustment process entirely.

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100ppm Power Accuracy
Voltages to 700V
Currents to 320A
Phase Angle from -180° to +180°
Frequency from 25 to 1000Hz
Three Phase Available
Accuracy traceable to N.I.S.T.

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