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Series 800

The versatility, accuracy, high burden and compliance performance make it easy to apply the Models 800A and 811A to the calibration of AC ammeters, voltmeters, power factor meters, transducers, line recorders and other AC responding equipment.

Model 800A
The Rotek Model 800A takes the guesswork out of wattmeter calibration. Enter the voltage and full scale watts, and the current is automatically computed. Push the Operate control and the excitation is applied to the watt-meter's voltage and current terminals. That's all there is to it! With full-scale power accuracy of 0.05%, the Model 800A covers the range of wattmeters from digital and analog standards to portables and switchboards. The power factor and fractional setting allow easy examination of performance under a variety of different conditions. High driveability accommodates high burden single phase or three phase meters. The simple volts and watts entry, deviation error determination and the ability to be completely automated will increase throughput and reduce calibration costs.

Model 811A
The Rotek Model 811A is ideal for testing watt-hour meter standards or revenue meters of either the rotating or pulse output type, from the IB-10 to the latest all-electronic designs. One of the most common applications is checking registration errors by calculating the energy required to advance the watt-hour meter an exact number of disk rotations or pulse counts. If a photocell pickup is required to sense rotation, the connections are available. The preset count feature is used and the energy is displayed. This measurement can be made while the meter is running. Using any one of a number of computer-controllers, the event count mode can be automated through the IEEE 488 bus. Very simple routines can be prepared to establish the required conditions, initiate a count and read out the energy. The average of three runs is easily computed and automatically compared with calculated absolute values. Manual-setting and calculation errors are avoided and calibration times are reduced to fractions of what they might be otherwise.

Model 800 Three Phase Power-Energy Calibration System
The Rotek Models 800A and 811A can be connected to form a three phase power or energy calibration system. The Rotek Model 800 Three Phase Power-Energy Calibration System consists of three Model 800A or 811A Watt-hour Meter Calibrators (800A for power only, 811A for power and energy), phase locked to one another. The voltage output low terminals are connected together and the three voltage high terminals differ in phase by 120, constituting a three phase four wire potential excitation source. The three electrically isolated current terminals of the calibrators are attached to the respective meter current terminals. Each phase is independently adjustable in voltage, volt amperes and phase, and may be placed separately in the operate or standby state. The output frequency is selectable as 50, 60 or 400 Hz., and can be synchronized to the input mains frequency. Operation can be automated through the IEEE bus as described above.

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Voltage to 750 volts
Current to 50 amps
Selectable power factor
Fractional scale setting
IEEE-488 remote control
Accuracy traceable to N.I.S.T.

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