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The Rotek Model 2500 Multifunction Tester is a calibrated source, designed to ensure proper operation of many commonly used measurement instruments including digital multimeters, panel meters, transducers, oscilloscopes and counters. The Model 2500's varied applications include engineering labs, manufacturing workstations and mobile calibration support equipment.

The Model 2500 has a Voltage/Current frequency profile which provides accuracy margins to test 3-1/2 and most 4-1/2 digits DMM's. Voltage outputs test oscilloscope vertical amplification factors and crystal controlled frequency tests oscilloscope time bases as well as frequency counters. Precision resistances are available for testing ohm meters.

The deviation function allows the user to determine easily the percent error of the instrument under test without complicated calculations.

The Model 2500 is software calibrated, eliminating the need for manual adjustments during the calibration procedure. Calibration can be accomplished via the front panel or over the optional IEEE-488 interface. The Model 2500 is delivered with a Calibration Certificate traceable to N.I.S.T.

Simple controls and large, readable displays make the Model 2500 easy to use in any application. The tester is lightweight, weighing only 18 lbs., and is convection cooled for quiet, reliable operation. Its sturdy construction and wide operating temperature range make the Model 2500 suitable for a variety of environments.



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