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Model 8100

The Rotek Model 8100 is a precision source of AC voltage, current and phase angle used in the calibration and test of a wide range of electrical metering instrumentation. It has been designed to be nothing less than the ultimate electrical power calibration standard in both accuracy and flexibility. This single instrument replaces the complicated combinations of individual voltage sources, current sources and phase angle meters required to calibrate power, power quality, and energy meters.

The Model 8100 makes use of sophisticated high-speed Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to generate extremely accurate outputs for a wide range of real world loads. The internal circuits of the Model 8100 use Rotek's patented digital feedback technology to monitor and verify the accuracy of the voltage and current outputs simultaneously at over 10,000 times per second. Its dual 50W high-power output amplifiers provide levels of burden and compliance required to drive even the most difficult loads.

The Model 8100 provides voltages from 1 to 700V and standard current outputs from 1mA to 55A. Optional 400W current amplifiers can provide maximum currents of 50, 100 or 220A with compliance of up to 8V. The phase angle of the current output relative to the voltage output may be adjusted from +180° to -180°. Output frequency may be selected from 16 to 1000Hz.

The Model 8100 may be configured as a 2 or 3 phase system by simply connecting multiple Model 8100 Calibrators together using a standard Rotek synchronization and control cable. Front panel menus are used to set each unit as phase A, B or C. All voltage and current outputs are isolated providing complete flexibility in making connections to the UUT.

The Model 8100 provides the functions required to fully test power quality meters. Harmonics and interharmonics may be added to both the voltage and the current outputs. In addition, all outputs may be configured to reproduce sags, swells and interruptions. Other power quality related phenomena such as flicker and notching may also be simulated.

The Model 8100 facilitates the testing of all types of energy meters by delivering precise, user defined quantities of energy to the meter under test. The Model 8100 is also able to accept a pulse input for testing meters equipped with this type of output. The Option 8100-OPT Optical Rotation Detector may be used to measure the rotation of an electro-mechanical energy standard. Alternatively, the Option 8100-OPA, Optical Port Adapter, may be used to access an energy meter's optical communications port. The Model 8100 may be used with the Model 8120 six channel counter/comparator to test up to six energy meters simultaneously. When used in the external energy reference mode, all UUT's may be simultaneously calibrated against a single external energy standard.

A menu-driven front panel and simple intuitive controls make the Model 8100 extremely easy to use. Output settings and menus are displayed on a large color LCD display. Power settings may be expressed in units of Volt-Amperes, Watts or VARs. Similarly the phase angle may be expressed as either degrees or power factor. Such flexibility allows the Model 8100 to be configured to meet the specific requirements of any user. A compact rugged design makes the Model 8100 ideally suited to a wide range of operating environments from the laboratory to the factory floor.

Unequaled performance, simplicity of operation, and flexible system configuration make the Model 8100 today's standard for power and energy calibration.

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Model 8100

0.010% Power Accuracy
Voltages to 700V
Currents to 220A
Phase Angles from -180° to +180°
Frequency from 16 to 1000Hz
Single and Poly Phase configurations available
Up to six channels of energy meter pulse inputs
Complete Power Quality Test Functions
Accuracy Traceable to N.I.S.T.