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Model 880B

The Rotek Model 880B is an amplifier which provides a current gain of 10 for use in high current calibration applications. It can be used as a stand alone amplifier to boost current from 1 to 10 ampere sources to the 10 to 100 ampere level. High, two-volt compliance allows for voltage losses in switches and connections, as well as in the ultimate loads, even at the 100 ampere level, without sacrifice of amplification accuracy. It is also compatible with Rotek Models 8000, 800A and 811A Precision Power and Energy Calibrators for testing watt and energy meters to current settings of 100 amperes. The Model 880B has a transformer-coupled input so there is no direct connection between the amplifier input and output terminals.

The Model 880B has Operate (current on) and Standby (current off) manual controls for front panel operation. In the remote mode, the 800B is controlled by two optically isolated logic signals: "Operate/Standby" and "Direct/x10". The "Direct/x10" signal enables either a direct (ohmic) connection from input to output terminals, or the insertion of the x10 amplifier between the terminals. There is also a status feedback signal to indicate an overload condition.





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Model 380A
Model 880B

100 Amperes RMS
2 Volts Compliance
0.03% Amplitude Accuracy
600 ÁRadians Phase Shift
Current Gain of 10
50, 60, 400Hz Operation
Stand Alone or Remote Operation